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Benefits Of An Alumni Recovery Program


Recovery doesn’t end after treatment ends–it’s a lifelong process. This is why many recovery facilities offer alumni programs, providing ongoing support for clients struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, to help graduates weather the ups and downs of reintegration and life while preventing relapse.

What is an Alumni Program in Addiction Recovery?

An alumni program in addiction recovery may include social events and opportunities, community volunteering, and ongoing resources, tools, and education relating to recovery. 

Alumni services may include:

  • Group meetings (12-step)
  • Community-based activities and events
  • Social outings
  • Life skills development
  • Online groups
  • Positive coping mechanisms training

Graduates typically have the freedom to decide how much they’d like to be involved in a rehab alumni program, but the more involvement, the merrier!

The Benefits of an Alumni Program in Recovery

Maintaining a strong relationship with your recovery team and building your support network will only aid you or your loved one in life-long sobriety. Building a strong social group based on sobriety and productive activities fortifies prior treatment and healthy living.

Why is it Important to Have A Support System After Rehab?

One of the most common reasons rehab graduates relapse is that after treatment, they return to the environments that contain the stressors and temptations for substance abuse in the first place. Maintaining a sober environment and social network is an effort to keep those things that were positive and helpful for the client to overcome addiction and achieve sobriety that is lasting.

Let Into Action Recovery Be Your Partner in Addiction Recovery

We believe there’s a direct correlation between graduates staying connected with their recovery community and long-term sobriety.

This is why we provide safe opportunities for our alumni to stay connected and continue strengthening the bonds they formed during their treatment.

Find out more about our programs by giving us a call at 844-303-3969.

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