Make Addiction Recovery Happen

Help is available for anyone struggling. Change is possible and recovery is the outcome. Our rehabilitation programs help families and individuals who have been living with addiction or mental health disorders feel alive again.

Helping Individuals and Families Navigate Addiction Recovery With Ease

Our focus is helping people who have been struggling with addiction or mental health recover in a safe space and find connection. We take a caring approach to addiction recovery because many of us have gone through our own experiences that led us to a recovery. We want to help you achieve the same goal by leading you into action toward recovery.

Houston’s Leading Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

We help you overcome triggers and addictive cravings, so when real life events occur, you are better equipped to handle your reaction.

Treatment at Into Action involves an ongoing commitment to recovery that continues long after our clients graduate. We create a lasting community of health and wellness that empowers clients to find long-term inner peace and sobriety. Our people-centered philosophy extends to everything we do and informs our approach to detox and addiction treatment, ensuring we create an environment of possibility, hope, and promise.

Individualized Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Programs

Because no two people—or paths—are identical, we offer personalized treatment programs for every client. Our addiction treatment programs utilize evidence-based therapies to help you or your loved one overcome addictive behaviors. We encourage family members to support their loved ones during treatment and offer guidance for families who are also struggling.

What our patients are saying

“I have stayed drug free since leaving the center and living a completely new and better life. Thank you, Into Action Recovery for saving my life.”

Will, Texas

“Top of the line drug and alcohol rehab center in Houston, TX. They helped a close friend of mine who has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years.”

Peter C, Florida

“I have never been to a place like Into Action, where it is more of a step-based program. It saved my life.”

– Cody, New Jersey

Full-Service Treatment for Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Addiction

At Into Action Recovery Centers, we incorporate a people-centered approach to addiction treatment to help people find a new path. We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas, and offer a range of drug rehab options, from drug and alcohol detox programs and inpatient treatment to outpatient programs and support groups. Our focus is you and your path to sobriety.


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