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Why We Became A Clinical Training Institution—And What It Means For You


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In Texas, where we live and work, we like to say that everything is bigger — and that includes our sense of compassion. For those of us who work in addiction recovery, we are proud that each year many members of our community reach out to us interested in becoming Into Action Recovery employees. Many of them have overcome addiction themselves and are seeking a way to give back through a sense of mission and purpose.

Unfortunately, for many people, entering the addiction recovery field can be a tough road. For one, entry-level positions in the recovery field are notoriously underpaid and often do not lead to opportunities for promotions and personal growth. Add to that the fact that many people looking to enter the industry are themselves in recovery and the stakes grow even higher.

At Into Action Recovery, we’ve made a pledge to provide our clients with the best possible care at all times. That’s why, starting in 2013, we took a step that not only helps our clients but our staff, as well. We became certified by the state of Texas as a Clinical Training Institution, a credential we proudly renewed in 2018.

What this certification means is that we can provide clinical training for students looking to become addiction recovery professionals, as well as Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor interns who are looking to qualify for their professional licenses.

For our clients, this is a big win. We are able to bring vetted, qualified professionals onto our team, adding new perspectives and enthusiasm to our treatment. At the same time, this influx of staff helps our clinical team focus on one-on-one client counseling while our students and interns help with their administrative workload.

For our team, the opportunity to help more talented people enter our field is also a win-win. While passionate people get hands-on experience at Into Action, we are also able to identify the best and brightest new counselors who are preparing to enter the workforce, enabling us to offer them roles and get their careers started in a healthy and positive environment.

Plus, with each student and intern that walks through our halls, we’re ensuring the future of the recovery field, so that there will always be people ready and willing to help our community in their times of need.

We know that addiction will always be a part of human life. But with a new generation of addiction recovery professionals on the horizon, we’re confident that there always will be people eager to help others recover, too.

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