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Should I Choose Drug Rehab Near Me?


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Choosing Drug Rehab Near Me or Out-of-Town

“Should I go to a drug rehab center near me or go away?” is a question we hear frequently. Seeking help for an addiction can be a tough and embarrassing situation, and it involves a concentrated effort to determine where to go or where to send a loved one for treatment.

The good news is that help is available. The concerning part is that you need to decide where to get help. There are treatment centers in almost all major cities and there are numerous options in larger cities. That still doesn’t answer the question of “Should you go to a rehab near you?”

The Process for Choosing a Rehab Facility

The answer regarding where to go is both simple and complicated. It’s simple because the main goal is to get the best treatment possible regardless of location. It’s complicated because you need to determine where you or a loved one can get that best treatment.

The goal of any treatment facility is to not just cure someone of addiction but to make sure they remain cured, living a clean and sober life.

As far as treatment goes, you have two options:

  • go to a local facility.
  • go to a facility outside of your area.

There are good reasons for either choice, but the deciding factor should still be—the option that provides the best treatment.

Should I Choose a Rehab Near Me?

There are many reasons why you might choose a local facility — especially at first glance — so let’s take a look at some of those:

  • proximity to home to accommodate visits by friends or family.
  • being close in case of emergency medical treatment.
  • the comfort factor of knowing where you are.

Into Action Recovery Centers recognizes all of these reasons. Let’s address them.

Proximity to Home

This is both good and bad. Being close to the facility affords you the opportunity to have direct family involvement in the treatment process. Into Action Recovery Centers prides itself on family participation during the treatment process. The antiquated idea that addiction treatment can be solely focused on the individual is not the case. Addiction is an illness that requires the family to be treated as well.

The staff at Into Action Recovery Centers understands this. When a client comes to us locally, it gives us the opportunity to work with the family one-on-one.

Families will be contacted while the client is in detox (and weekly thereafter) by the primary counselor to keep them informed. There is also a weekly family group that they can attend should they choose to do so and if….. they are approved to do so by the primary counselor.

We do not allow clients to have visitors during the initial ten days but afterward, a person is free to receive visitors on designated visitation days.

Proximity to Medical Care

Proximity to medical care is always a good thing in case of an emergency. At Into Action Recovery Centers, we not only have twenty-four-hour nursing staff, but we also have an MD. as our medical director, and we are in Houston, the 4th largest city in the United States, and are within 3 minutes of a hospital. Houston also has the largest medical center in the world, also minutes away.

Knowing Where You Are

While this is a comforting thing, it’s not necessarily a good thing. Being treated for addiction is a process that needs to be adhered to rigorously and it requires concentration and focus. Knowing you are not “around the corner” from home is often a good thing.

Into Action Recovery Centers attempts to simulate that “feeling” by the above mentioned process of not allowing visitors for ten days.

Why Choose an out-of-Town Facility?

For all the reasons why you should choose a local facility, there are just as many reasons for why you should opt for an out-of-town facility.

A person needs to rely on the treatment staff and, ultimately, themselves if they hope to move on to a clean-and-sober lifestyle. Often, family involvement can actually make things worse for our clients, and families might be pleasantly surprised to find the family dynamic functioning much smoother simply with the removal of the addict from the equation. It’s a temporary solution, but it does buy some peace of mind.

If you have failed treatment previously, it is best to get out of town and away from home so that your focus can be primarily on the recovery process.

  • If you have an unsafe atmosphere at home—with a spouse that drinks or uses, or a family that supports unhealthy behavior—it is best to go out of town.
  • If you have an unhealthy environment with easy access to drugs it would be best to go out of town.
  • Into Action Recovery Centers works with clients in these situations to provide options for extended aftercare, affording them the opportunity—after inpatient treatment—to completely change their lives and start over if that’s what is necessary.
  • Even though the clients may have come from out of the area, the family still has the opportunity to participate in weekly family conference calls and speak with the primary counselor on a regular basis.
  • The family is kept abreast of a person’s progress throughout the process and made aware of discharge recommendations for continued care. That could consist of sober living here, in conjunction with outpatient therapy or outpatient therapy back home.

Proximity to Medical Care

As previously mentioned, Into Action Recovery Centers is within minutes of a hospital and a half-hour drive to the Texas Medical Center, one of the largest and most respected medical centers in the world. In fact, according to Forbes, it is the largest medical center in the world, and the medical center employs more than one hundred thousand people.

Knowing where you are is not a necessity when recovering and could be a deterrent. People need to focus on their recovery and not on what they are comfortable with.

More Reasons to Choose Houston’s Best Rehab Center

There are more reasons that could be cited that justify either local or out-of-town treatment, but the primary reason to select Into Action Recovery Centers is for what should be your goal: seeking the best treatment.

We specialize in treating chronic relapsers—people who have tried to quit alcohol or drugs previously and failed. A chronic relapser is one of the toughest to treat, but they deserve a new life just like anybody else. It’s especially rewarding to know you’ve successfully helped someone reclaim their life.

But don’t listen to us. Read it from some of our former clients.

“It actually works! I’ve been in several treatment centers and this one is the one I got sober in. The staff is amazing! They really care. The program was shown to me in a way I could understand and do. They saved my life and I will forever be grateful.”

“When I first got to Into Action, I was beyond hopeless. I had previously been to around 8 different rehabs/detoxes; none of them worked. I always performed well and followed instructions, but each time I’d relapse within a few months of graduating. I was sure that I would be doomed to a life of misery.”

“When I arrived at Into Action, I was physically, mentally and spiritually broken. But, wow, I sure came to the right place. During my detox, the medical staff was highly knowledgeable and put in tons of extra effort to make my stay more comfortable. On top of that, Into Action has a beautiful system within their clientele – the guys in residential would come talk to me and make me feel welcome.”

Into Action Recovery Understands Your Needs

At Into Action Recovery Centers, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of local versus out-of-town treatment, and we are going to do our best to make the local clients feel as if they are out of town and make the out-of-town clients feel at home. At Into Action Recovery Centers, the treatment plan is what drives us. It’s what motivates us to succeed.

We offer free aftercare for the people who complete our program and have a strong alumni network that remains active in the community. We also offer other amenities such as dietician prepared meals, meditation training, weekend outings, and fitness training.

When asking the question, “Should I go to a drug rehab center near me or go away?”, please consider Into Action Recovery Centers as a solution for seeking the best treatment for you or your loved one.

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