Family Therapy


Family involvement in the recovery process

At Into Action Recovery, we believe in family participation in the addiction recovery process. Whether the client is from the Houston area or out-of-town, the client’s family can be involved in the recovery process.

Local family involvement in the recovery process

When a client comes to us locally, it gives us the opportunity to work with the family one on one.

Family is contacted upon admission and emailed a family questionnaire. While the client is in detox, the family is asked to fill out the questionnaire, so that we might establish the client’s history from the family’s perspective. This helps to establish if the client is being truthful, as often clients are still in denial about their addiction during this time. It’s often said that addicts are “the last ones to know they are sick” and oftentimes, this family form will help the clinical staff to know the extent of their use.

The primary counselor will then contact the families while the client is in detox and on a weekly basis thereafter to keep them informed.

There is also a weekly family group meeting that they can choose to attend as long as the primary counselor approves.

Out-of-town family involvement in the recovery process

When a client has been through treatment previously and/or has significant geographic issues that might serve as triggers to them (i.e. friends or family that used with them or are negative influences), being out of town for treatment is typically the most beneficial course of action. Even when the client is traveling a long distance for treatment, family involvement is still important to the recovery process.

The client’s family has the opportunity to fill out the family survey as well as participate in weekly family conference calls and conversations with the primary counselor on a regular basis. The family is kept abreast of their loved one’s progress throughout the recovery process and will be made aware of discharge recommendations for continued care, which may consist of sober living or outpatient therapy back home.

With addiction recovery, we have learned to treat chemical dependency as a family problem, not just an individual problem.


Clients benefit from our proactive, people-first approach that ensures they experience personalized, attentive therapy and treatment throughout their recovery journey. We stand by our clients even after they graduate with ongoing alumni events and support.

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