Jon Hansen

VP / Finance

Jon Hansen earned bachelor’s degrees with Honors from the University of Houston in Finance and Marketing in 2006. He has previously worked in the financial industry as an analyst for a mortgage securities broker-dealer and privately in the financial securities industry to help develop software for trading and financial analysis. Later he was recruited to develop and implement processes and procedures for one of the largest metal recyclers in the state of Texas including accounting, inventory tracking, and financial performance metrics, and helped manage all aspects of operational accounting banking, and administrative functions, reporting directly to the CEO. Jon joined Into Action Recovery Centers to aid in the growth initiatives and expansion plans of the management team by managing the renovations of the new residential treatment center that is now complete. He is now working with the accounting and administration departments to optimize the recurrent information flow, periodic reporting, and revenue cycle management. Jon enjoys a variety of extracurricular activities but mostly spending time with his wife and daughter.