Prescription Drug Addiction


Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Into Action Recovery Centers offers high-quality customized prescription drug addiction treatment programs. Our staff is experienced in working with patients who are addicted to one or more prescription drugs to overcome the addiction and to identify alternative solutions to treat the underlying medical condition that may have required the use of the prescription drug initially.

If your addiction is the result of using the drug without an underlying medical cause, we will provide you with the tools to successfully overcome your addiction.

Prescription drug abuse is growing among all ages. People who are prescribed powerful drugs to treat medical or psychiatric conditions can become addicted or dependent on the drug due to long-term or incorrect use. Teenagers and young adults are using the drugs for the stimulant, euphoric or sedative effects. They often find the drugs at home or find them readily available from peers or doctors willing to prescribe unnecessary medications.

The most commonly abused prescription drug categories are:

Narcotics (OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet), also known as analgesics or opioids, are drugs that are prescribed for moderate to severe physical pain. They are abused because of their euphoric, sedating, and numbing effects. Narcotic abuse causes tolerance and dependence and the withdrawal symptoms are severe.

Depressants (Xanax, Valium, Librium) are drugs that are prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. They are abused because of their sedating properties. With abuse, depressants cause tolerance and dependence and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe.

Stimulants (Ritalin, Dexedrine, Meridia) are prescribed to treat ADD/ADHD and other conditions such as asthma. They are abused because of their energizing and euphoric effects. Stimulants do not generally cause tolerance or dependence but abuse is associated with hostility and paranoia. There is also great risk for cardiovascular failure and seizures.

Into Action recognizes the seriousness of the prescription drug crisis. The perception that these substances are more legitimate and therefore safer is deceptive, as their abuse can have deadly consequences. We work with each patient to develop an individual prescription drug abuse treatment program designed to address the specific causes of the addiction as well as treating the underlying drug dependency.


Clients benefit from our proactive, people-first approach that ensures they experience personalized, attentive therapy and treatment throughout their recovery journey. We stand by our clients even after they graduate with ongoing alumni events and support.

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