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Heroin Has Hit the Suburbs


For decades, heroin was considered the drug of choice only for hard-core junkies in the inner cities. Walk down a dark alley or enter an abandoned apartment building and you were bound to trip over a user. But all of that has changed. According to the Washington Post, among others, heroin has hit the suburbs.

And with the epidemic and simultaneous rise in heroin use and overdoses, attitude is beginning to change. No longer is heroin use thought of as:
– The result of poor parenting.

– Being restricted to certain ethnic groups or “inner-city junkies.”

– The result of abandoned children by working or single-family moms.

– Treatable only with prison sentences.

Focus on Treatment Has Shifted

There is always a silver lining. It’s tough to see sometimes, but the unprecedented growth of heroin use and subsequent overdoses has shifted the focus from “heroin is only used by junkies” to “we need to treat this problem.” The reason for this shift has a lot to do with the fact that heroin has hit the suburbs. As we mentioned in our blog on the geographical look at the opioid crisis, heroin use has spread to almost every city in the country.

Treatment Is Private and Confidential

Because heroin has hit the suburbs, it has raised a new concern. Professionals want anonymity. That’s one of many reasons people choose an out-of-town rehab.

At Into Action Recovery Centers, we understand that, and whether you’re out of town or decide to come to us as a local client, we will treat everything with the utmost confidentiality. We have dealt with thousands of clients, and we take this seriously.

By the way, Into Action Recovery Centers is not only licensed by the state of Texas, but we hold the esteemed three-year CARF accreditation. We were also named one of the three best treatment centers in Houston.

The Bottom Line

The good news is that no matter who you are or where you live, we can help. We treat people from all over the country, from all levels of society. If you have a problem with drug or alcohol use, give us a call. We can help.

Fill out a confidential inquiry form, and our knowledgeable staff will get back to you or call to arrange a confidential consultation: (844) 694-3576

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