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Drug Rehab Houston – A Day at Into Action Recovery


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Drug Rehab and What to Expect?

Drug rehab and making the decision to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one is a difficult thing to do. Most people don’t know what to expect at rehab. They typically have an image in their mind of rehabs from decades ago when they resembled prisons more than treatment centers.

A lot has changed since those old days, and Into Action Recovery Centers is at the forefront of that change. We are continually striving to improve and that means in all manner of treatment. We have a three-year accreditation status with the esteemed CARF™ organization, which enables us to focus on optimal outcomes in our treatment. In addition, we are licensed by the state of Texas and other affiliations. We recently announced the hiring of a new medical director, which will improve treatment for all clients, but we believe that rehab is more than detox and medical treatment. We believe that to be effective in treating any type of addiction, you need to treat the physical and mental aspects, which usually means changing a person’s lifestyle.

Drug Rehab – Treating the Disease

Into Action Recovery Centers understands that process. Most of our staff members have recovery experience themselves and know what is needed and how to achieve it. Along with a medical director, we have experienced and licensed counselors, a nurse, and recovery advocates on our staff. We firmly believe that addiction is a disease, and one that needs to be treated with dignity and compassion. With that in mind, we want Into Action Recovery Centers to be your first choice for treatment and the last facility you’ll ever have to go to.

A Typical Day at Rehab

It’s a difficult decision to seek treatment for addiction, whether that is for alcohol rehab or drug detox. One of the fears is the unknown—what am I going to do while ‘locked up’ in a rehab facility?

The simple answer is “a lot.”

We have certain rules and regulations, but those rules are in place to aid people in their journey to recovery.

Along with 1:1 time, we have daily groups and meetings at Into Action Recovery Centers, that you will attend with other clients and your counselor. This is structured to give clients time to start to learn new tools necessary to live a sober and productive life.

Addiction Recovery – Enjoying Life

We also firmly believe that recovery is about enjoying life, not just the clinical side. We have weekend outings with staff members, we take the clients out to a local gym to emphasize health and fitness, and a chef that prepares all of our meals and snacks. Most of our clients grow accustomed to things quickly, but don’t take my word, read some of the following Google reviews from former clients.

“High level counselors, positive meetings, gym, great alumni were all strengths of the facility. The staff at Into Action from top to bottom are extremely passionate and personable.”

“Into Action Recovery has real recovery. The staff was great and the guy’s there were real. Not only did they give me what I needed, I had fun too. They helped me get plugged in, and now I have people in my life that are focused on staying sober.”

Drug Rehab and the Bottom Line

Our commitment to helping people recover their lives is real, and it’s part of what has pushed us to the top of the treatment list as we continue to drive toward our goal of being the best drug rehab center in Houston, Texas.

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