Extended Care


As clients near the end of their residential treatment programs at Into Action, they are given the option of continuing their recovery at our Extended Care facility, where they receive the same individualized treatment and professional therapy through an ongoing “extended stay” model.

While they benefit from continuing therapy and treatment, they also receive important lessons in mindfulness, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning. During their time at the Extended Care Facility, clients work with counselors to formulate their appropriate aftercare and steps for the next phase of their recovery and their lives, including appropriate treatment program, housing, work, and self-care plans.

By the time they leave the Extended Care facility, clients will have the tools necessary to reintegrate into their everyday lives.

Extended Aftercare Options at Into Action

Our outpatient extended care living facility allows our patients to have longer stay options. This center has 21 beds, and focuses on the same exceptional treatment and care as our residential facility.

Extended Care Outpatient Facility at Into Action Recovery
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