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Club Drug Addiction Treatment

Into Action Recovery Centers offers effective, compassionate treatment for addiction to club drugs at our treatment facility. Whether you need a residential or outpatient treatment program, Into Action offers the opportunity for you to focus on overcoming your addiction to club drugs in a structured, supportive environment. We understand that addiction to club drugs can involve multiple addictions, requiring a custom program to treat the full range of your addiction.

Our highly trained, professional staff has the experience and resources to work with you to develop a program that provides you with the tools to successfully battle your addiction by developing an individualized plan to assist you during treatment and afterward.

“Club drugs” encompasses a wide range of stimulants and depressants used to, respectively, allow users to stay awake and active or to lower inhibitions and increase the users’ sense of relaxation. The social acceptance of club drug use by young adults and teenagers increases the risk of addiction due to the frequent use of the drug while at clubs or raves. Also, while club drugs are dangerous when used on their own, their danger increases when combined with alcohol or other drugs, or when they are administered without the user’s knowledge.


Stimulants affect brain chemistry, causing altered sensory perceptions and a sense of increased mental alertness and intimacy. Common stimulants can include substances such as MDMA (also called ecstasy or Molly), and LSD.


Most depressants affect the neurotransmitters that control inhibitions and cause short-term memory loss and increased relaxation. Depressants include:

  • GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyrate
  • Rohypnol, also known as roofies or the “date rape” drug

At Into Action, we are sensitive to the path that leads to club drug addiction and the social pressure to use the drugs. Our compassionate staff works with each addict to develop a custom treatment program to provide you with the best opportunity for success.


Clients benefit from our proactive, people-first approach that ensures they experience personalized, attentive therapy and treatment throughout their recovery journey. We stand by our clients even after they graduate with ongoing alumni events and support.

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