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Drug Rehab Family Counseling Houston, TX

The initial ten days of treatment typically involves a brief communication blackout period. This allows our staff to begin the detox process, if necessary, as well as beginning to lay the foundation for family counseling. Families are more than welcome to call and ask to speak to their loved one’s counselor during this period. We very strongly encourage family participation and want families to be a part of the process. Over the years, we as treatment providers, have learned to treat chemical dependency as a family problem, not just the problem of the individual.

Our sincerest desire is that all families will participate not only in the family counseling services we offer but in visitation of their loved one as well. Visitation occurs on Fridays from 4pm to 6pm and Sundays from 1pm to 4pm. Phone availability is for clients to call out only and is from 4pm-6pm and after 9pm in the evening. Any one calling the center will not be able to directly contact a client and will be asked to leave a message. Family sessions usually begin after the initial ten-day period, but can be scheduled sooner, depending on a client’s progress.