Intervention Services

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Services in Houston, TX

It is painful for family and friends of addicts to watch and experience the downward spiral of the addict’s life. Many addicts are in denial about the impact of their drug or alcohol abuse on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. They believe that they do not need help, or do not know how to get the help they need, to overcome their addiction. Interventions can be used to help addicts realize the harm they are doing to themselves and their loved ones and provide them with a pathway to sobriety.

Into Action’s intervention professionals work with the addict’s family and friends to prepare for the intervention. We understand how emotional and difficult confronting an addict is, and that each situation is unique based on the addict and the type of addiction. Our staff will help plan and facilitate the intervention. They will provide access to resources and assist with the development of a treatment plan and admission into a program.

Our intervention services include:

  • Pre-intervention counseling: We will meet with family and friends to explore the issues faced by the addict and the family and to understand the type of addiction. Our staff helps the family prepare for the intervention by reviewing what to say to the addict and the behavior to be expected from the addict. Interventions are emotional, demanding events and we work with the family to anticipate how they will feel and present strategies for coping.
  • Intervention services: Our intervention professionals are experienced in facilitating interventions for different types of addictions. They understand that the fears each addict faces and the difficulty he or she may have in admitting the addiction. They are skilled in managing an emotional, extremely difficult meeting.
  • Development of treatment programs: Based on the addict’s addition and behavior, we will work to develop a treatment program designed to start the addict on the road to sobriety.
  • Admission to treatment program: We can assist with the selection of a treatment program designed to meet the addict’s specific needs. At our drug treatment center, we offer a range of treatment options, from long-term residential programs to outpatient treatment and support programs.

Into Action’s intervention services can get an addict started on the path toward freedom from addiction and lifelong sobriety. Into Action is located near Houston, Texas and can take admissions from around the country.

Call today to speak to our intervention professions to see how we can help you or a loved one overcome their drug or alcohol addiction.