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Cocaine addiction can be devastating to your mind, body, and relationships. That’s why we have created a personalized treatment program for individuals struggling with cocaine addiction in the Houston area. With multiple levels of care, expert clinical staff, and a warm, welcoming community, we help people move towards long-term recovery.

  • Personalized Cocaine Addiction Treatment
  • Programs For Every Stage of Recovery
  • Expert Clinical and Counseling Staff
  • Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Recreation

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Into Action Recovery Facility
Into Action Residential Treatment Center in Houston

What our clients are saying.

“I have stayed drug free since leaving the center and living a completely new and better life. Thank you, Into Action Recovery for saving my life.”

– Will, Texas

“Top of the line drug and alcohol rehab center in Houston, TX. They helped a close friend of mine who has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years.”

– Peter C, Florida

“I have never been to a place like Into Action, where it is more of a step-based program. It saved my life.”

– Cody, New Jersey