Opioid Addiction – Houston, TX

Opioid Rehab

At Into Action Recovery we have seen an increase in patients we treat with opioid addiction. The increase has risen from less than 20% in 2009 to almost 50% in 2016. Our addiction treatment programs are personalized to treat the unique challenges faced by individuals with Opioid addiction and/or Opiate problems. We offer a range of drug rehabilitation options, from long-term residential programs to outpatient treatment and support programs. Into Action can get you on the road to recovery from your Opiate addiction, so you can live your life with a fresh start. Our focus is you and your customized treatment to sobriety, whether you are seeking treatment on your own or for court-ordered rehab.

The terms “opiates” and “opioids” are often used interchangeably The concept of “opiates” includes drugs naturally derived from the active narcotic components of the opium poppy, whereas the “opioid” label includes synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs and is usually used in reference to prescription drugs.

At Into Action, we treat individuals with Opioid addiction. More specifically you can read about the our treatment for the following:
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We are sensitive to the difficult recovery path for Opiate addicts. Our compassionate, experienced staff works with each addict to prepare you for the challenges you will face during recovery and develop a custom treatment and support program to provide you with the best opportunity for success.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Near Me

We are often asked, “Should I get addiction treatment near me?” Our staff is available 24/7 to help answer that question and to begin the admissions process to start you on your recovery. Into Action’s Opiate detox center is located near Houston, Texas and we take admissions from around the country.

Call today or to speak to our admissions staff to see how we can help you or a loved one overcome their Opiate addiction. If you feel more comfortable filling out a confidential inquiry form, click here.