Hallucinogens Addiction

Hallucinogens Drug Rehab Houston, TX

Into Action Recovery Centers offers effective, individualized rehab and addiction treatment for PCP and ecstasy addiction. Our professional staff has the training, experience and resources to work with you to develop a program that provides you with the tools to successfully battle your PCP and ecstasy addiction. We offer a range of treatment options, from long-term residential programs to outpatient treatment and support programs.

Into Action can get you started on the path toward freedom from your addiction, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Phencyclidine, commonly known as PCP, angel dust or ecstasy, is a powerful dissociative drug that alters the user’s state of mind and mood, causing him or her to detach from his or her surroundings. PCP has a powerful effect on the addict and can induce mania and psychosis as well as intoxication and numbness.

Ecstasy is used as a party drug to lower the user’s inhibitions and increase the “enjoyment” of the party.

PCP can be snorted, ingested or smoked and is often added to other drugs. Continued use of the drug results in paranoia, aggression, unpredictable and violent behavior. Users also experience illusions of strength and power and may hurt themselves. They are often disconnected from reality and long-term addicts exhibit psychotic behavior, amnesia and seizures. Treatment for PCP addiction requires medical intervention to deal with the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal, especially as PCP remains in the body for a significant amount of time after drug use stops.

At Into Action, we are sensitive to the difficult recovery path for PCP and ecstasy addicts. Our compassionate, experienced staff offers help with ecstasy and PCP addiction, working with each addict to prepare you for the challenges you will face during recovery and develop a custom treatment and support program to provide you with the best opportunity for success. We have long-term programs designed specifically for PCP addiction rehabilitation.

Our staff is available 24/7 to answer your questions and to begin the admissions process to start you on your recovery. Into Action is located near Houston, Texas and can take admissions from around the country.

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