Category: Opioids

What Causes Opiate Withdrawal?

For many opioid addicts, continuing to abuse the drug may be less about overcoming the addiction itself and more about a hesitation...

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Can Heroin Addicts Recover?

As many people have heard through various media outlets, opioid addiction rates in the United States have been on the rise for...

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Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

Often the biggest obstacle deterring heroin addicts from seeking treatment or simply quitting altogether is the uncomfortable...

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Drug Addiction Signs in Children

We’ve written before on the opioid epidemic several times, and all of it is a concern, but nothing is more of a concern than...

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Why Are Opioids So Dangerous?

If you’re wondering, “Haven’t we talked enough about opioids?” The answer is no. When something is responsible for 52,000 plus deaths...

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What is Opioid Dependence?

If you or a loved one are taking an opiate or opioid, you should always be aware of your ability to develop opioid dependence. While...

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