Category: Drug Rehab

How to Confront an Alcoholic – Without Losing Your Cool

“I’m worried about your drinking, and I think you should get a professional assessment from an addiction recovery specialist.” “You...

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Loving and Supporting an Addicted Adult Child: Creating Calm Amid the Storm

There was a man, sober for many decades, watching his adult son come to terms with his addiction to alcohol. The man asked a mutual...

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Why Cold Turkey Detox Isn’t Safe

Should anyone attempt to detox from drugs or alcohol at home without any medical supervision? The short answer is no. When Jack...

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Safety in Numbers: Sticking Close to the Addiction Recovery Herd After Treatment

What other medical condition requires recovering patients to change their social circle? Recovery from diabetes means changing your...

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How Individual and Group Therapy Strengthens Addiction Recovery

Why do treatment centers like Into Action Recovery Centers use individual and group therapy? Isn’t it overkill? There’s an old saying...

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2020: How Slow and Steady Sober Resolutions Can Bring Serenity

Many of us take an inventory of our lives at the year’s end and consider changes we want to make in the new year. Many of us in...

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