Category: Drug Addiction

Loving and Supporting an Addicted Adult Child: Creating Calm Amid the Storm

There was a man, sober for many decades, watching his adult son come to terms with his addiction to alcohol. The man asked a mutual...

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Why Cold Turkey Detox Isn’t Safe

Should anyone attempt to detox from drugs or alcohol at home without any medical supervision? The short answer is no. When Jack...

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Safety in Numbers: Sticking Close to the Addiction Recovery Herd After Treatment

What other medical condition requires recovering patients to change their social circle? Recovery from diabetes means changing your...

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Unraveling Dual Diagnosis and Other Medical Jargon

Dual diagnosis. Sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? It’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, dual diagnosis is common and simply a...

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How to Stay Sober and Sane During the Holidays When You Have a Perfectly Imperfect Family

Many of us look at Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings of happy families during the holidays—paintings like “I’ll Be Home for...

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How to Support a Newly Recovering Addict

Expectations are a challenge when it comes to a loved one in recovery. It’s easy to think, “They’re finally in recovery, so all...

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