Category: Alcohol Rehab

Does One Drink Count as a Relapse?

Linda’s recovery was feeling a little shaky. When a friend from her Alcoholics Anonymous group reached out and asked for Linda’s...

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Understanding Codependency and Addiction

How often do you set our own needs aside for the sake of someone else? Do you find your mood depends on the mood of someone close to...

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Five Tips for Managing Addiction Recovery, Even in Quarantine

Even as we continue to live through the Covid-19 pandemic, life slowly seems to be returning to some version of normal. However, the...

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The Real Facts Behind Binge Drinking

Most Americans are familiar with the idea of “binge drinking” even if they aren’t familiar with the term. If you’ve spent any time on...

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How to Confront an Alcoholic – Without Losing Your Cool

“I’m worried about your drinking, and I think you should get a professional assessment from an addiction recovery specialist.” “You...

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Loving and Supporting an Addicted Adult Child: Creating Calm Amid the Storm

There was a man, sober for many decades, watching his adult son come to terms with his addiction to alcohol. The man asked a mutual...

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